Introducing our Student Mentorship Team!

  • Posted on: Fri, 02/15/2019 - 17:25
  • By: delynne

We are so excited to be able to introduce our first ever Student Mentorship Team! The following long-time Festival performers have made themselves available to new or not-so-new Festival participants, who may just need a little extra support. Not knowing what to expect, and performing in general, can be overwhelming, and sometimes it helps to have a helping hand from someone who's been in your shoes. Contact us if you have specific questions or need a little extra support from a peer. We'll put you in touch with the mentor designated to your discipline.

Our 2019 Student Mentorship Team is as follows: 
Gabrielle Campbell, Vocal
Roan Foshaug, Speech and Brass/WW
Josie Hoffarth, Piano
Soren Lorentzen, Strings
Faustina Schmid, Musical Theatre

Thanks to all of these young people for being so willing to step up! If you're a new performer, or know of one, please make use of the experience of these older students - they are all excited to help out!